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The NLA Boxing – KING OF THE JUNGLE 4 – National Championships

The Days of War


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    Novice - (9 bouts or less)Open - (10 bouts or more)

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    TOURNAMENT DIVISION - Compete for a KING OF THE JUNGLE Belt, and the title of NATIONAL CHAMPION over the three days of competition. Initial check in will be Thursday, July 28, from 4pm to 8pm. Please Note: If you lose early in the Tournament Division, you will have the option to compete in additional Matched Bouts, for the remainder of the Tournament

    MATCHED BOUT DIVISION - Compete for Trophies and Medals, in a standard Matched Bout format, on one or more days of the competition. This Division is perfect for Boxers and Coaches who want to compete in the KING OF THE JUNGLE, but who may be unable to commit to all three days of competition, or who may have less experienced boxers, and want to match then very closely. Boxers in the Matched Bout Division will check in/weigh in, only on the days that they will be boxing.

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    Call John O’Brien, Tournament Director, at (630) 880 8799

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