What makes the NLABA different? ALL NLABA Officers and staff members are dedicated VOLUNTEERS. No one in the NLABA ever receives any funds, of any kind, from the NLABA, or their sponsors, for personal use, travel, salaries, etc. ALL funds raised, from any source, are used exclusively for the benefit of our boxers, coaches, and their families. Further, every NLABA National Staff member has a minimum of 5 to 55 years’ experience, either as a boxer, coach, or official. Many staff members have considerable experience in all three areas, in both amateur and professional boxing. Our NLABA Officers alone have a combined experience level of over 300 years in the sport. To assist us in maintaining the strictest State and Federal non-profit standards, we have retained the services of one of the largest accounting firms in the world, to make absolutely certain that our sponsors, coaches, boxers, families, and fans will have full confidence of our strict charity status and ongoing practices. In addition, we are represented by the largest law firm in the United States, to always insure that the very best interests of our valued boxers and coaches are expertly represented, on the local, national, and international arenas. We know how difficult it is to coach amateur boxing, keep boxers in the gym, and to regularly attend boxing events. We understand the strain that coaching and boxing can put on one’s family, employment, and finances. We also know how discouraging it is to arrive at local shows, state tournaments, or national events, and be subjected to poor treatment by the tournament director, closed weigh-ins, manipulated brackets, inexperienced officials, low grade venues, inferior preparation, and additional and often highly inflated costs for parking, admission, concessions, photos, video, souvenirs, etc. If you would like to experience an organization that considers the coaches, boxers, and their families to be the very top priority, and truly appreciates their collective sacrifices, commitment, and involvement, we hope that you will explore the National Latino Amateur Boxing Association, become a free NLABA member, and attend the NLABA National Championships in Chicago, IL every year.