FREE USA Boxing Coaching License The cost of a USA Boxing license has now become prohibitive for many of our dedicated coaches. In the event that you must also pay for a semi-annual background check, the cost is now out of reach for many. When this is combined with the out of pocket costs that many coaches absorb, such as fuel, lodging, uniforms, meals for their boxers, etc., it is simply too much. With this in mind, in an effort to assist our coaches, any coach that brings a full team, which is 6 or more boxers, to the NLABA Nationals in Chicago, IL, will have his/her USA Boxing License for the following year paid for in full by the NLABA. The guidelines are very basic. The coach MUST register his/her boxers by the EARLY REGISTRATION deadline, May 30. The general tournament registration closes on July 4. It is not necessary that any of the boxers win even one bout. It is also not necessary that all boxers are registered with your Club. Only one coach qualifies for license reimbursement, per 6 boxer roster. In the event that you bring 12 boxers, two coaches will qualify, and so on. The year following the NLABA Nationals will be that coach’s next required purchase of his/her license from USA Boxing. The coach will make that online purchase, and send proof of that purchase, and issued license, to the NLABA Membership Director. The NLABA will immediately issue a check to that coach, as reimbursement for the cost of that license. This program is made possible by our many dedicated sponsors, without whom the NLABA could not provide this level of support to our coaches.