FREE USA Boxing License The cost of an amateur boxing license is now simply too expensive for the average young boxer, and his/her family. This has become especially true in the recent challenging economy, and in the instances where supportive parents may have two or three athletes competing in our sport. With this in mind, the NLABA will pay for the USA Boxing amateur boxing license, for those boxers who win their division, in any weight class, at our National Championships, held in Chicago, IL every year. To qualify, the boxer MUST register by the May 30 EARLY REGISTRATION deadline. The general tournament registration closes on July 4. The year following the NLABA Nationals will be that boxer’s next required purchase of his/her license from USA Boxing. The boxer will make that online purchase, and send proof of that purchase, and issued license, to the NLABA Membership Director. The NLABA will immediately issue a check to that boxer, or his/her parents, as reimbursement for the cost of that license. As always, we thank our dedicated sponsors for providing this financial support to our valued boxers and their families.