Our Non-Profit Commitment The National Latino Amateur Boxing Association is a registered 501 (c)(3) entity, and in full compliance with all Internal Revenue Service and State of Illinois requirements. All donations made to the NLABA are tax deductible. In order to make certain that our valued athletes, coaches, fans, and sponsors can be confident of our continued non-profit status and practices, we are proud to be represented by one of the top accounting firms in the world. In recent years, we have seen charity sports organizations fail to conduct themselves within state and federal legal guidelines. The unfortunate result has been irreversible damage to those organizations, and a complete loss of participation and support from both sponsors and fans. Our policy and practice at the NLABA is simple. None of our Officers, Board Members, or staff members ever receive any compensation, of any kind, at any time, for their work in the NLABA. There is NEVER any exception to this rule. We are confident that our meticulous accounting practices, and the commitment of our dedicated volunteers,will bring confidence to our sponsors, fans, and members, and protect our independence and best interests in the national and international amateur boxing community.