Welcome to the NLABA We are the first and only National Latino amateur boxing organization in the United States. The NLABA was started by leading amateur boxing officials and coaches in the Latino Boxing community, as well as their many valued friends and sponsors, for the benefit of the entire boxing community. All NLA Boxing events are sanctioned by USA Boxing. Remember, our organization is not only for Latino athletes and coaches. The NLABA was started by boxing leaders in the Latino boxing community, for ALL boxers and coaches. The NLABA is an independent Amateur Boxing Association, operating within the rules, licensing, and certification requirements of USA Boxing, but with our own events, tournaments, and National Championships. While all of our officials are licensed and certified by USA Boxing, we have our own National Staff and Board of Directors, as well as a National Chief of Officials, all of whom oversee and supervise all NLABA operations. All NLA Boxing events, tournaments, and dates are subject to final approval by USA Boxing's National Office. As you tour our site, you will see that our organization is as culturally diverse as our sport, with athletes, coaches, sponsors, and administration, from every walk of life and ethnic background. Our goal is simple. We put the boxers, the coaches, and their families first. We are proud to support their collective efforts in the gym, in the ring, and in their communities. We strive to provide opportunities for them where such opportunities did not previously exist. We hope that you will join us in honoring their courage, sacrifice, and achievements.