NLABA Female Boxing If you are a female boxer, Novice or Open, Youth or Senior, we very strongly urge you to attend the NLA BOXING - KING OF THE JUNGLE National Championships, in Grand Rapids, MI every year. All members of our National Staff have considerable experience in both amateur and professional female boxing, and all are eager to assist you in your amateur boxing career. It is our goal to not only present a premier national boxing tournament, but to provide the very finest competition and experience for female boxers as well. Too often, we have seen female boxers treated as “second class citizens” in amateur boxing. It is fairly common to see female boxers being required to check in last, stand in the same weigh in lines as male boxers, be checked by a male doctor, be weighed by a male weighmaster, change clothes in inferior changing areas, etc. In the opinion of the NLABA, these and similar practices are unacceptable. At the NLABA Nationals, all female boxers will be weighed in separately from male personnel and boxers. They will also have their medical checks conducted by a female physician. They will of course have private and high quality changing and dressing areas. Lastly, their awards will be the same awards as those presented to male boxers, of corresponding age and experience level. We hope that you will strongly consider competing in the KOTJ.