Become a Sponsor The National Latino Amateur Boxing Association is only successful due to the support of our dedicated sponsors. Because of your generosity, our athletes and coaches can meet the requirements of successful amateur sports competition across the country. As a registered non profit 501 (c)(3) charity, all donations made to the NLABA are tax deductible. All funds provided by sponsors, or generated by ticket or merchandise sales, are used exclusively to support amateur boxers and coaches, through the purchase of USA Boxing licenses, awards, uniforms, etc. Further, this financial support provides the opportunity for these athletes to compete in a premier National Championship competition, representative of their dedication, sacrifice, and skills. All NLABA staff members, without exception, are strictly volunteers. Thus, neither sponsorship funds, nor any other revenue, is ever used by, or available to, any NLABA personnel, in any position. In order to make certain that our sponsors always remain confident in the proper use and application of their funds, we have employed the largest accounting firm in the world, to ensure that we are always in full compliance with federal and state non-profit standards and practices. The NLABA offers three types of financial sponsorships. A sponsor can designate that their sponsorship funds are to be used for: a) The purchase of amateur boxing licenses. b) The purchase of competitive boxing uniforms, or c) The purchase of top quality boxer trophies and awards. Sponsors are provided with detailed documentation outlining the exact use of their sponsorship funds, as well as a NLABA receipt detailing their charitable contribution. In the event that you are an individual or organization that would like to contribute in another way, we always welcome the opportunity to work with sponsors who have an interest in the donation of products, advertising, press coverage, meals, lodging, services, coupons, etc., for the benefit of our boxers and coaches. If you would like to learn more about how you or your organization can support our young athletes, and provide them with an opportunity that may not otherwise exist, please call us at 312.429.0684 or complete and submit the “Sponsorship Inquiry” at the bottom of this page, and we will immediately contact you.